The No-Code IoT Platform for fast deployments

Internet of Things simplified

Bring all your Modbus, KNX, and LoRaWAN devices together with instant dashboards, regardless of the manufacturer.

From the field to the cloud

IoT Cube is the most complete NO CODE platform for building Internet of Things solutions that drive real business value.

Intuitive user interface

The intuitive interface allows the user to navigate the software with ease.

Multi protocol supported

It can address several protocols simultaneously, such as Modbus, KNX and LoRaWAN.

No programming required

Connect and visualize your equipment in minutes, without programming or coding.

Zero Touch Provisioning

You can create and design all configurations remotely.


IoT Cube is the perfect solution for projects of any scale, from small projects to a Smart City.

Support any IoT Gateway

IoT Cube is Hardware Agnostic. It can run on any Linux based kernel on x86_32, x86_64, ARM or MIPS with the minimum of 64 MB RAM and 16 MB Flash.

Solutions tailored to your industry

​Monitor your business and services in a single unified platform

IoT dashboards LoRaWAN modbus knx


Building IoT - KNX/Modbus


Energy and Water IoT - Modbus/LoRaWAN

Energy & Utilities

Agriculture IoT - LoRaWAN


How it works

Select your IoT gateway

IoT Cube is hardware agnostic. It runs on Linux, OpenWRT, Yocto or any Linux based kernel.

Select your data source

Use our comprehensive equipment library or create your own based on the supported protocols (LoRaWAN, Modbus and KNX).

Teltonika dashboards

Enjoy the data

Plug & Play. Ready to monitor your data with a simplified user interface.