IoT Cube


Multi-System Management

  • Supervise all you systems in one single platform.
  • Centralized information.
  • Compare systems and create benchmarks

Unlimited Dashboards

  • Dashboards replication across Systems.
  • Real-time and historical data widgets library.
  • Access to external datapoints.
  • Full user control over image and trend colors.
  • Direct access to Devices control.
  • Resizable charts preview.
  • Cross-linking of information and access.

Real-time remote control for “any” device

  • On/Off
  • Set Point
  • Positional
  • Run time automation rules.
  • Automation schedulers.
  • If This Then That evaluation and action.
  • Unlimited automation algorithms.
  • … and others.

Live Charts & Reports

  • 5 minutes time frame for historical data.
  • Trend graphs of monitored parameters.
  • Combination of parameters and graphics.
  • Configuration of tariffs and calculation of costs.
  • Report generation.
  • Benchmark multiple sites.
  • Data export.

Alarm wizard for abnormal events

  • Cross reference multiple devices for analysis.
  • Run time evaluation of defined criteria.
  • Notifications configuration panel.
  • Alarm propagation over mail, sms or voice calls.
  • Scheduler to activate/deactivate evaluation.
  • Reinforce notifications using priority criteria.

NO CODE configuration

  • Use our comprehensive equipment library
  • Create your own equipment library
  • Zero touch deployment

Multi-Protocol supported

  • Modbus RTU
  • Modbus TCP
  • KNX
  • LoRaWAN